Available again after 52 years!


Originally compiled and published in 1964 by Jay Frank Dial, a professional modelbuilder and aviation historian, the book contained original material gleaned from Tech Orders and other military sources of the day to determine how aircraft in WW-II were supposed to be painted.  An invaluable reference for anyone interested in producing accurate scale models of U.S. aircraft in WW-II, it has not been available for over five decades.

Restored and enhanced by Richard Marmo and converted to a modern PDF format, Jay Dial's original material is available once again for a new generation of modelbuilders.  To make navigation easier, an index has been added, along with ten photographs of actual aircraft as a visual aid in understanding what the specified camouflage patterns really looked like.

Keep the file on your computer's hard drive and view at your convenience with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you prefer, print out any or all of it as hard copy.

As a result of the PDF format, price has been held to an economical $9.99.  Upon paying with your credit/debit card thru PayPal, you will receive an email with an active downlink URL.  Simply click on that link and the file will be immediately downloaded to your computer.  No shipping charges and no waiting on the mail. 


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