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A PDF series of how-to construction guides.

(And a report on changes to Krylon and other
general purpose rattlecan paints.)

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In response to the constantly increasing cost of gasoline, food and postage, a new series  of  how-to construction guides by Richard Marmo is being produced in a downloadable PDF format.  Each guide will be fully illustrated on a step-by-step basis and focus on a single subject.  Prices will be kept low, generally $2.99 - $3.99, with immediate delivery to your computer after receipt of your online payment, avoiding a shipping charge that would effectively double your cost.   An advantage of the PDF format is that you can either keep it on your hard drive to view on your computer or print a hardcopy of any part or all if you prefer having the information on paper.

Subjects will usually deal with aircraft/aerospace, science fiction/fantasy or armor with other subjects possible, depending on requests received.   Stock buildups, conversions/modifications and scratchbuilts will all be possibilities, again depending on your interests and requests.  You may contact us by clicking here.

Bates Mansion from Polar Lights

The Bates Mansion from Psycho

Details the construction of the 1/87th scale
Polar Lights kit and a scratchbuilt hill for it
to be mounted on. Learn how to replicate
chalky, cracked, weatherbeaten paint.

6,300 words and 20 photos.


The Unholy Demon

The Unholy Demon

While this figure is no longer available, learn
techniques combining airbrushing, conventional
brushes and glazing to create a realistic
reptillian appearance.

5,200 words and 16 photos.


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The Munsters Living Room &
The Munsters Koach

Describes construction of the Polar Lights & AMT
kits.  If you were a fan of The Munsters TV show,
this PDF is a must.  Learn how to create fireglow
from a large fireplace and paint shadows where
the fireglow is sheltered by furniture and figures.

7,000 words and 24 photos.


The Grim Reaper

Although this imposing 1/6th scale figure is no longer
available, this PDF is not to be ignored.  Learn how to
paint black-on-black and techniques that allow you to
replicate aged, dry bones and skulls.

4,000 words and 20 photos.


Beware The Changes With Krylon Paint

If you have used Krylon in the past, be sure to read this
report before you tackle your next project.  Today's
Krylon is not what it used to be.  Neither are most
other general purpose rattlecan paints.

2,600 words and 3 photos.


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