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Table Of Contents

Chapter   1: Equipmen
Chapter   2: Decal Paper
Chapter   3: Fixatives
Chapter   4: Capturing The Image
Chapter   5: Restoring Old     Decals
Chapter   6: What About The Missing White?
Chapter   7: Resizing
Chapter   8: Creating A New Image

Chapter   9: Printing The Decal
Chapter 10: Sealing The Decal
Chapter 11: Applying The Decal
Chapter 12: Alternate Techniques
Chapter 13: Links
About The Author


Learn how to produce your own decals on an inkjet printer.  Find out how to restore damaged decals, create new ones, resize decals for different scales and more. The only limits are your patience, creativity and imagination.

No matter the subject you're interested in, it's the techniques that matter.  Now you can restore those damaged markings on diecast collectables, create instrument panels from original photos, insignias and patches for figures in any scale.


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          SPL-0003                                                           $2.99


The 111 Log

 SPL-0001                                                       $2.99

 SPL-0002                                                     $2.99

SPL-0003                                                          $2.99

Produced as an in-house magazine, it's purpose was to keep General Dynamics employees up to date on the development and progress of the (at that time) technologically advanced warplane they were building.  Published from August 1967 to January 1971, it began as a monthly and ended as a quarterly.

Each issue will be made available in PDF format.  If you are interested in the F-111 Aardvark, the first successful production swing-wing (variable geometry) aircraft in aviation history, this series is a must.

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899 photos cover the F-16 from initial
concepts thru the F-16XL, F-16AFTI,
the Mitsubishi F-2 and Thunderbirds.

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Available again after 52 years!
by Jay Frank Dial

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153 photos covering 16 different aircraft,
including the Boeing B-29, Lockheed
YF-12 and North American XB-70.

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875 black-and-white photos in a self-running slide show!

Learn how to take apart, move and
re-assemble a B-36...twice...over
a span of nine years!

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Over 350 photos (including nose art, Tony Weddel paintings and assorted documents)!

Includes 40 photos of the XP-58 Chain Lightning!

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102 of the first 103 TOPPS WINGS cards (front only) in full color.

34 black-and-white aviation photo cards of unknown origin.

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The Marmo Method Builds

PDF series of how-to construction guides.

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Four subjects available at this time with others under development.


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