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Those of you who have purchased the 875-image B-36:Moving The Last Peacemaker know that it is a slide show comprised entirely of black-and-white photography.  However, some color shots were taken and these have now been re-discovered and digitally enhanced to expand the story of how the last B-36 ever built was moved.

Consisting of 90-odd photos that take you from the initial dismantling to eventual reassembly at a museum site outside the gates of GD/Ft. Worth (now Lockheed Martin), this .exe document is designed for download to your computer, thereby avoiding shipping charges.  Nor will you have to wait with bated breath for it's arrival.

This document will be especially valuable to any modelbuilder planning their own scale model B-36.  Color photos make it easier to see fine details & the various construction stages offer ideas for some very interesting dioramas.

Document designed as a self-contained, self-running slide show.

Simply download the executable file to your computer's hard drive, double-click it and enjoy.

Best viewed at a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and 16 bit (millions of colors) color.


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