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Chance Vought F7U Cutlass, s/n 128466,  Grumman F6F-5 Cougar of VF-24, Grumman TBF Avenger,  Douglas R4D (Navy version of the DC-3) and a rare Martin PBM-5A Mariner on display at an airshow in the early 1950s.

Credit: Richard Marmo collection

This photo was apparently taken at a Naval Air Station during an Armed Forces Day Open House.  The focus of this shot is a very nice Chance Vought F7U Cutlass, s/n 128466.   Next to it is a Grumman F6F-5 Cougar belonging to VF-24.  Completely out of focus is what appears to be a Grumman TBF Avenger.  Also partially visible is  a Douglas R4D (Navy version of the DC-3) and a rare Martin PBM-5A Mariner.  Only 36 of this Mariner variant were built, serving in both the Navy and Coast Guard.  The aircraft seen in this shot  indicates that it was taken in the early 1950s.


Photographic negatives (both black-and-white and color), color slides and prints of all types have a way of deteriorating over the decades.  All emulsions, whether film or print, break down, leaving all sorts of spots and surface flaws to mar the image.  Ultimately, they will fade, leaving nothing but your memory to mark their passage.

I have in my possession, several thousand negatives, slides and prints that have been acquired over the last 40 years.  Many I have taken, others have been copied from prints loaned by veterans and still others were provided by aerospace manufacturers.   All are in danger of vanishing unless something is done.

That something is Project:Preservation.  It is my intention to eventually scan all material in my possession (along with negatives and photos others might wish to send for inclusion) and make those images available for viewing on this website.  Ultimately, they will be categorized and published on CD-ROM in the same manner as has been done with B-36:Moving The Last Peacemaker and Lockheed P-38 Lightning Gallery.

This is a long term project that will require a great deal of time to simply scan the images, never mind the additional time required to doctor and/or restore each photo.   It cannot be done without your assistance.

In order to devote the necessary time, financial support from history enthusiasts is essential.  The more support that is provided, the more time will be available to devote to the project.  Any amount is welcome, from $1 on up.

What do you get out of it?  The warm, fuzzy feeling that you have a hand in preventing the destruction of irreplacable historically important photographs that would otherwise be lost forever.  As scanning goes forward, the ability to see those images for yourself on this website.  And the opportunity to obtain CD-ROMs of the images for your personal collection, once sufficient images are scanned to create a CD devoted to a single category or type.

Finally, all contributors will have their name listed on this website so that evey visitor will know that you have had a part in this preservation effort.  Remember, without your help, all of this material stands a very real chance of winding up in the trash.  Don't let that happen.  Make a donation today by clicking on the PayPal button below.


                                                           Thank you for your support.


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